Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas is MORE.... (finished video!)

Remember when I said we have an incredibly talented media team at Sovereign Hope Church?! I wasn't kidding! Take a look for yourself.

This video was such a joy to make. I think my girls are excellent actresses, wouldn't you agree? 

Christmas is MORE... more than family trips, gifts, dinners, stockings, cookies, advent calenders.... while all of those are great, it's really important to remember that Christmas is about CHRIST. The Savior of the earth. The Prince of Peace. The Wonderful Counselor. The King. He is that... but even MORE.

"Christmas is a time when the world stops and celebrates. We gather with family and friends and focus on the birth of a baby, the gift of a king, goodwill and peace on earth. But Christmas is more than a birthday because Jesus was more than just a baby. It is more than a season because Jesus was more than just a King. The beauty of the gospel is that Christmas is more than just a holiday, because Jesus was more than we could have ever imagined." - Pastor John Luhmann

If you live in the Missoula area, I encourage you to join Joel and I for this sermon series in December. We'd love to see you at church.

If you live, well, not in the Missoula area, we invite you to watch this series online at Sovereign Hope Church.


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