Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Avin!

Happiest Birthday to our sweet little Bear, Avinantor, Nator, Avi, Cakes, Widdle Baby, Avicakers, A!!!!

I can hardly believe it's been a year since the moment we met you. We prayed and prayed for a healthy baby and The Lord gave us so much more. 

You are such a sweet, content little one who is full of adventure. I'm still in awe at how early you learned to walk that you are almost a pro already. Now if we could just get the stairs down you'll be golden. 

You have taught us all so much about life this past year. I know that I'm a better mama to all of you girls now because of you. You continue to teach me to be less selfish. You have taught me patience and how to love more. (Now how in the world will we ever get you weaned?!)

 Your big sissies adore you and are so helpful every single moment. You really do have 3 mamas. You can almost say 'Arly' and you love Alyn's glasses. They can both make you really laugh. 

You are a daddy's girl. When you see him that is all you will say 'dada dada dada!' You sometimes tease him with kisses but it never fails that when he is in your sight, you run to him with arms wide open. It's a beautiful thing. 

You are such a blessing. While worshipping at home or church, you sing to Jesus with your sweet loud voice with hands lifted high. I pray that you wil love Him forever. 

We celebrated your birthday at WaTiki Warter Park with our closest family that could be there. 

Little Bear, you are so loved. Thank you for your smiles. For your mischievous looks. For your big kisses and little clapping hands. 

Happy Birthday love. 


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  1. Happy 1st Birthday Avin!! Looks like she had a fun party! I remember the night Jackie said she had been born and had a great name! Christa Fitch