Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gallery Wall Alyn Style

After many months of little miss Alyn searching, shopping and creating sweet pieces of art and frames, her patience paid off. We finally felt it was time to put some holes in the wall and showcase all these beauties. 

I've never created a gallery wall but I think this really shows Alyn's personality. I will say that it was a bit more difficult to execute than I had originally expected. Shhh don't tell Joel that there MIGHT be a few extra holes in the wall. <--- yes I know you're reading this babe. I'll fill them in some day. Wink. 

I do want to share a little trick I learned a few years ago that is worth sharing. 

You know when you have the shelf or the frame that has TWO holes that you're just some how suppose to miraculously get nails in the wall at the same height to be level and the exact distant apart to even hold the item in place?! Yeah... Ugh... I think so too! 

You'll love this! Ready?
There are those pesky holes. 
Grab some painters tape and place it all along the back so that the very corner points where you rip the tape is exactly where you need the holes for the nails. (I hope this makes sense!)
Now take the tape and put it on the wall where you want your hanging to be placed. (Make sure you hold your piece up to make sure the placement is just right where you want it)
Grab your level and double check that the tape is level. If not, simply line the tape up to the level... You don't want a crooked shelf or hanging right?!
Hammer the nails in at the very points of your tape. 
Pull the tape off the wall. 
Put your hanging up!!! It should be level and exactly where you want it... On the first try! 

I hope that helps you decorating your home as much as it has helped me. 


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