Thursday, December 26, 2013

Under the Weather-cakes

Today this little cakes was under the weather. Last night she got sick for the very first time... Like projectile sick. 

So today, we snuggled. All day. This is how we spent over 12 hours of our day. 

As much as I want her to feel better. I'm enjoying these fleeting moments of snuggles. 

And I have to say that she has 2 of the best big sisters any little girl could ask for. They do their best, every day, but especially on her firs real sick day, to be present with her... Helpful, playful and loving. My bigs teach me so much. 

Blurry photo... But I never want to forget that moment. 

I've been in a writing slump lately...  Is it obvious? I have so much to say but just need the motivation to sit down and type it all out. I'll be back regularly soon. Prayerfully real soon. 

Until then, I'll be washing sheets, blankets and bathing a wee one many times in the day. I don't mind. At all.  


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