Friday, December 6, 2013

Party Prep

It's a last minute crafting DIY paradise in room 207 tonight. 

Our sweet little Bear is turning one tomorrow and we are partying to celebrate. 

It didn't even reach above zero temperature today so I'm so happy we chose the water park to help our little girl party like a mermaid (not really... But close.)

Snapshots from our DIY party. 
Daddy and cousin Kaci made the tissue pom-poms. Grama Mama covered some dowels with decorative tape. Sweet big sissy Arly, made a paper chain. Auntie Jackie was the scissors and glitter queen. Kit and I supervised well... Wink.
(I couldn't resist showing off these sweet chubby legs.... I could just nibble them!)

Party photos tomorrow. 


1 comment:

  1. Jackie is the cutting queen!! And love those rolls, so cute on babes, just not as we become adults! Christa Fitch