Sunday, September 29, 2013

Random post about our Day.

I have felt behind for the past few weeks and today, Joel helped me whip out many projects!

We sorted a Scentsy order first thing this morning.

We went to church and loved the message.
(Ok truth be told, it was shouting directly to my heart. You see, this morning, neither Joel nor I were any different in the way Adam & Eve blamed each other for their wrong doing. Yep, we were pretty immature and definite sinners this morning. We made up :) <---- real life marriage right there!

We delivered MANY orders this afternoon.

We quick grabbed some paint from Lowe's (Wet Pavement and Thistle Seed) and supplies so I could start 2 big projects in our home. Alyn's bedroom makeover (she's been waiting since her birthday in March... quite patiently I must add) & the Main Floor Makeover.

Then we hit our favorite... Target! We snagged up a comforter for her bedroom for $9.98! OOOooo WEEEeee What a Bargain! A new lamp, pillows and more accessories and she'll be good to go by the end of the week.
Do you know about Target Cartwheel App?!?! It's awesome... just sayin'

We got home, Joel made lunch and I picked up the house and got all the painting supplies ready. After lunch Alyn and I knocked out the paint job in her room! (it only took 1 hour so now I feel extra bad that I put it off for so long.) She thanked me so many times. She even said "Awesome! Now it won't feel like I'm sleeping in a dorm." HA! What does she know about dorms?!?

I packed up another Scentsy party ('tis the season for lots of parties!), while Joel and Arly cut down the grasses and tore out the flowers around our landscaping. We've already gotten our first frost and more to come soon so it all had to go! Highs this week - - 52 degrees! Time for cornstalks and mums! Or maybe snowmen soon?

Joel has almost finished all of the laundry. He even made a menu for us this week. Then he made dinner. MAN, I love that guy!

Avin has been a bit miserable all day. I think she's teething again. Which teeth come next? She has her 4 top and 4 bottom already. I spent a lot of my free time today snugglin' her on the couch. I cannot get enough of those blue eyes.

I finalized my 31 party with my friend Mel (I love supporting direct sales and other entrepreneurs!) and now I'm just finishing up with the lesson planning for this school week.

This mama totally had a treat.... or two.

Now off to finish my Sunday Seven and cozy up in bed.... with said awesome husband.


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  1. I am jealous in a good way of said awesome husband and pray for God to bring me one of my own...