Sunday, September 8, 2013

Quelf + Mission: I Do

It's the name of a board game! And it is hilarious!!! It's a game of nonsense, laughter and the silliest rules (roolz) you've ever had to follow. 
Apparently so fun it puts dads to sleep. Or maybe it's because we started a board game at 10:30 at night. 
Joel and I are heading out of town early Tuesday for the rest if the week. We are going to Boise to spend time with the top leaders in Scentsy (many of them are sweet friends) and corporate. I'm so excited! 

Anyway, we wanted to spend tonight having quality fun time with the bigs. The girls had played this game in Kalispell with some family friends earlier this summer and I surprised them with it tonight! 

If you're looking for a super fun - for almost all ages - (Avin was too little ;) - game... I highly recommend Quelf!

Yesterday I mentioned being more intentional with loving my husband well.

Today's result of:
I got up to my alarm this morning and stayed completely calm while getting everyone out the door on time for church. This was an extra difficult task because it was also the day that our family took family photos! (I can't wait to see the work Jessie did! And Cameryn made all of us girls look extra pretty!)

While Joel was at softball tryouts helping other coaches, I cleaned our main living area that has been complete chaos from the sale for the past couple weeks. He was surprised when he came home and could see the couches and floor. 

Now it's time for bed.... I bet I can find something else tonight that would show my love... *wink. <---- for married couples only. 


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