Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I swore at one point today I was having a panic attack. I mean... I couldn't control what was going on on my inside. Like it wanted to jump out and SCREAM! It felt as though my whole being was going to explode.

It was not pretty... it was not cool.

I am the WORLD'S WORST PROCRASTINATOR! I ALWAYS wait until the very last moment to do things - and then I obviously get stressed out.

My day started of me in a panic looking for our new bank cards that MUST be activated by Saturday or we don't have check cards! I searched everywhere! I knew we had packed them when we loaded up the car for the evacuation. But instead of unloading the car and doing something about it then, I let it go until today. Until the day before we leave for Scentsy's Super Star Director Summit and will need money to get home. I searched for over two hours... no bank cards.

Then, because I had wasted WAY too long searching for the missing bank cards, I had to rush to get all my deliveries out the door and make my customers happy. 

As I was just barely half way through my deliveries, I got a text reminder from a friend, asking if I was close to home to watch her kiddos like I had told her last week..... OH DEAR! (although I'm pretty sure I said something different!) I rushed home and was in almost a panic!

Then I remembered that we had scheduled to kick off our fall Scentsy '30 Minute Monday' training tonight and I had already told a family they could come look at the cute little tear drop camper we have for sale. I had to rush to get the training info out to my group while calling Joel on the other phone asking him to PLEASE (pretty please!) be home right before 6 to help the family looking at the camper. 

Tonight I ran back into town (about 15 minute drive) to finish my last 9 errands. Seven deliveries, a bank deposit & pick up of the donation for our Heart 2 Heart Benefit silent auction we have every year (I'll share more this week! Love this benefit!)

The big girls were at a birthday party and I thought I would be nice and grab Joel some sushi, Thai or Chinese food for dinner... but by the time I had finished the run around town, it was 9:53pm. I grabbed him Burger King - FAIL!

What did I learn from today?!? DO THINGS RIGHT... AND RIGHT AWAY!

When I think of something, I need to take action. Write it down and DO IT!
When I need something, I need to get it. Not think about when I'm going to get it, JUST GET IT!
When I plan something, I need to go back and execute... NOW!
When I don't think I can do something, I need to learn to say no. SET BOUNDARIES!

Today I felt horrible. Like a failure. Like a broken robot. 
I freaked out on my big girls. I felt horrible. I had to apologize. I'm grateful for their forgiveness. And my Father's forgiveness. Boy am I ever thankful!

Now I sit down and plan the girls' school week. They are staying with some dear friends this week while Avin, Joel and I go to Boise. It's a planning frenzy at this hour. 

I had to get some afternoon snuggles with this girl. This little time together and some hot tea made me settle down.

UPDATE: Joel found the cards right away. He got the house caught up on laundry. He did the dishes. He talked to 2 potential buyers for the camper. He ate the Whopper without complaint. He is more than I could've ever asked for.

Now I need to go plan my outfits, my purse selection (too many to choose from!) and get everyone packed before we leave in.... 8 hours! Goodnight!

I tried to show Joel I appreciate him today by working on his 'honey do' list. He is usually the delivery/errand runner... but today I took over that job. Here is the back of the pathfinder filled with tables and tents and Scentsy packages.

More adventures this week. 


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  1. Jari, I think everyone goes through those moments. We can always prepare, work on our procrastination, over analyze everything and sometimes they just happen. It's what life is and it helps us appreciate the smaller, simpler, moments (like Joel being a supportive husband and your daughters loving you unconditionally even if you freaked out a little.)

    I appreciate your honesty in sharing you're faults. I've asked Johnny and many others of you're college baseball family, "Is Jari always happy? She seems so put together and radiates light." The overall consensus is a resounding, "Yes!" With the few exceptions being mostly centered around younger Joel passing out in yards and such...

    There's always more going on than what people from the outside see in everyone of us. Nevertheless, don't sell yourself short. You're remarkable and made just the way you are supposed to be. Keep laughing at the small stuff off, work on the things that can be changed and then accept those small quirky nuances that may drive you nuts, but simply make you, you.

    I look up to you and hope to become more like you. Keep smiling, all the other ends will always fall into place.