Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Functional Wall Art

Every time I look up while changing or dressing, this little wall art makes me melt. I love that fuzzy bear hat. 
So I wanted to share how we made it. 

The window frame was found at flea market in SD quite a few years ago... And honestly, had sat in storage for the longest time. It was red so I painted it black to match our bedroom. (We are sharing with Avin... For now)

We added chicken wire to the back (stapled on) and now it has become a functioning piece of wall art. 
I had the girls take their favorite pieces of scrapbook paper and decoupage them onto a few clothespins. This is what holds the darling bear photo & Avin's newborn photo onto the chicken wire. 
I use a small corner of the wired window to hold sweet Bear's (Avin) hair bows. 
The barrettes just slide right through the wire and just looks so cute!
The knobs on the bottom of the frame are the perfect bonus to this piece. They hold her headbands perfectly. 
Our sweet friend Kelly Dollar gifted us this sign when we had Avin. I feel so blessed every day. Thank you Dolla' for the constant remind and the perfect addition to her room. 
And there you have it. An easy but oh so adorable way to display your favorite photos while showcasing and organizing the cute hair accessories for your little princess. 

I think I might make another one for my earrings and necklaces!

Oh and this is what it looked like more toward the floor! (And then I cleaned our room:)

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