Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Tonight I feel full. Full of new information. Full of laughs. Full of friendship. And the Krispy Creme didn't help (dang it, why couldn't I say no?!)

It was a day full of trainings from our peers and dear friends.
(Even little Avin sat in on the meetings like a sweet girl.... Sweet BUSY girl!)

 I'm so excited to get back to work next week! (I'm really focusing on being present during this training this week)

I'm full of gratitude for this amazing company. Scentsy LOVES their consultants and I felt that love today as Joel and I accidentally were the first consultants who had entered the new Scentsy tower (because we needed the elevator for Avin's stroller) and found this:
Honored. Humbled by our teams. 
I'm exhausted. I wish I had more to say but my brain is overloaded and only mush is being released right now (as I type on my phone with one eye open). 


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