Friday, September 13, 2013

Preparing for Take-Off

Wow! The past couple of days have been amazing! 

I'm so excited to go home and finally get 'systems' put into place. (For those of you that really know me.... Pick your jaw up off the floor!) With working Scentsy from home, schooling the girls, and wearing the many other hats, it feels like everything is so inconsistent with our life. 

I've heard so many great ideas and most of them are just validating what Joel and I have been talking about for the past month or two. Refocus... Simplify... Action.  

I'm positive that when I start treating our Scentsy business like a business (finally!) by way of projecting and working numbers, we'll see even more growth.  Our business will just take-off! 

But even more importantly, I'm ecstatic to keep building relationships with those on our team and our customers. 

I'd be lying if I told you that I have it all together and was an organized person who leads her team & cares for her customers and had never failed them. 

But I can't go back and 'fix' who I was... However, I can go forward and do what I love to do... Build relationships. 

I'm going to start treating our business like a family. And helping the family make their dreams come true. 

It's been a fantastic couple of days learning and chatting with our friends and peers in Scentsy. These women (and men) are part of our family. I so enjoy their ideas and willingness to share... And their conversation and hugs. 

I'm going to bed with a thankful heart and a notebook full of ideas on how to be a better me. 

Tomorrow is our last full day at the home office - it's sure to be amazing too. 


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