Thursday, September 26, 2013

An 'Almost Perfect' Thursday

They woke up early enough for mama to feed her babies some eggs and toast before the little pupils loaded the bus to learn at their church co-op school. (Mama has incredibly amazing friends who accept and teach her kiddos when she needs to focus on her business)

Baby Bear was taxi'd over to a dear (not to be confused with deer) friends house to be loved on by another sweet mama for almost 4 full hours!

Mama met a close friend at a coffee shop and chatted and set goals for the next month... (Shhh... She even smuggled in her own coconut coffee creamer!) She always leaves these chats filled up until they meet again. 

Next mama had to run lunch to her bigs at the church. Subway was too far away so she zipped down to Ruby's Cafe and got 2 BLTs and fruit salad to go. If you're local you know what a treat Ruby's is! Two little love notes written on the styrofoam boxes and a quick hi to friends and mama was off again. 

With a Scentsy basket party in tow, mama picked up papa and they went to the bank. Finally the title to the old blue Honda was notarized and ready to handed off to sweet friends. They got new bank cards and left the basket party for the bank ladies to sniff away until another day. 

Taco del Sol was on their menu for lunch and a big naked chicken burrito with extra jalapeƱos hit the spot. 

Mama dropped papa off and headed back home to pick up her wee one. Upon arrival of the their home, two huge Target  boxes blocked the door. (Project Main Floor Makeover will be underway oh so soon!)

Today was the very first day that while mama was away, the house cleaners played. Walking in to a clean home, almost top to bottom, was just what was needed to pull mama out of the drowning waters that a busy, family-school-business minded was nose deep in.  Papa played that card almost perfectly. 

The bigs were dropped off by the sweetest 'bus lady' ever and were grinning ear to ear. 

Mama took a nice long nap with her three sleeping beauties before sweating in a totally fun, uncoordinated manner, to the top 20 hits! She went home feeling Oula-la. Wink. 

A glass of wine, a soak in the tub with Luna (it's a fragrance people!) and ending the day with kisses from the family and this good book. 

Mama doesn't want this night to end. 

Jari (mama ;)

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