Thursday, November 20, 2014

Overwhelmed in the Beautiful Mess

Last night I saw an Instagram post from Village Church AND I had a friend give a gently reminder about the 'beautiful mess' we all really live in.... And the highlights we like to share in our 'social world.' 

It's easy to clear a space and take a quick snapshot of your 'super cute, look how adorable my space is' area. 

I know.... Because I do that. All. The. Time. 

Friends, I live in chaos.  Each and every day, this is how it looks. I'm overwhelmed.... But in the most beautiful way. 
I had my dearest friend ask me today to sit down and write out my blessings... Each one. One by one. And I can't stop. I could never stop. My (our) blessings are raining upon us every single moment. Like that in a never ending storm. 

It seems that in sharing and showing my life behind the lens of this iPhone 5, I may have put on the 'I've got it all together - my life is grand - everything is planned and scheduled and organized... Seriously, it is!' mask. 

But it's not. It's crazy. It's messy. But it's beautiful. And it's us. And we love it. I love it. 

We share what we think others want to see. We share the photos of how we wish others to view us. It's just something we crave... To be wanted, to belong, to be admired. 

But in reality, we're a mess. Each and every day we struggle with what our back stages, our bloopers, look like... As we sit in the same breath comparing our 'zoom out,' to our friends' or even internet strangers 'zoom in' looks like. 

But even then, always, we are admired by The King; we belong to His Kingdom; we are wanted to do His work. 

It's not easy. But it's worth it. Very rarely do easy and right belong in the same sentence. Anything worth doing is hard. 
All of it is hard. Being a wife and mom, running a business around the world, home educating, church volunteer, friend, sister, daughter, coach and more... But these; These are my blessings. And this is why I'm overwhelmed. Because of the love. Because of the beautiful mess that it all fits in. 

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