Monday, November 17, 2014

My Monday Musings.

The happiest mail on the happiest of Mondays makes for the happiest of Jari! Thanks Allie! 
She Reads Truth bible study packets always make me excited to begin another round of digging in God's Word. 

I also had a very nice hour with a good friend who is quickly becoming a great friend. Thanks for the coffee date Katie! 
Alyn had declared that our days off (every Monday) is a day to let the creative juices flow and get our hands a bit dirty. We're calling it 'Make Something Monday!' That's right friends, we're going to make something pretty each and every Monday! It's our one day out of the whole week that we really don't have an agenda. It's the one day we can set aside our to dos and really just relax and enjoy the day together. Just us girls. It's the one day I get to be mom and not teacher. And I love it. 
We spent the afternoon making pretty things and decorating for Christmas! Yay! We've had our trees us since the 3rd and now we were finally ready to deck our Spry halls with everything festive! 
Arly, the girl who loves Pinterest, whipped out these chalkboard terra cotta pots this early afternoon. Once dry and chalk seasoned, they were ready to have a resident. That's when I realized that our succulents that were half frozen outside (oops) needed to transition from their summer home to their winter home. Aren't they adorable? I think so too. Now we can switch out what we will draw on them whenever we want. 
Avin thought it was beyond exciting to hang balloons on the ceiling! Not really balloons... But paper decoration balls from the dollar store! I'll share more on Instagram tomorrow. 
We ended the night with a late night chat with friends. I think we'll turn it into a monthly date. Dessert (or monster nachos) and some wine? ... Yes please! 
Conversations about parenting, change, birthday parties, persecution and the gospel. Is there anything better?

I'm going to bed with a full heart and motivation to begin my week well. 

Happy Monday to you! (Actually Tuesday now!) 

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