Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I smell Christmas!

To some, decorating for Christmas as soon as Halloween ends just seems crazy. But for me, it's the perfect time to start celebrating and transforming your home into a winter wonderland. 

Growing up, my mom and auntie would have Christmas trees up year round. There were snowman everywhere. It just seems normal to have it all displayed well before Thanksgiving. 

We are slowly pulling garland, trees, lights, wreaths, and nativity scenes from their hiding place since February. (I do leave them up until February!)

Not everything is ready to be hung or displayed at in our home.... Not yet anyway. Some of our goodies will be up in the University Center Ballroom this Saturday to create a magical Scentsy display. 

Joel and I have stocked up on our favorite Scentsy holiday goodies and we're ready to share them with all of our amazing customers and friends this weekend. It's a week long process making sure everything is ready to be showcased. We've never worked this hard on making sure all the details get our guests into the Christmas spirit. 

If you're around and looking for a show that's filled with Scentsy galore (my biggest stash ever!) and amazing handcrafted holiday goodies, come see us! It'll be a cozy grand time. 
(Those are all warmers searching for a new home!)

See you Saturday! 

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