Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New tricks to remember

I can't believe how big this little one is growing. Friends, she is almost 2!!!!!

She has new tricks:

Going potty on the toilet!  She even goes poo every once in a while on the potty. I think I may have purchased our last case of diapers today!... And I also ordered a few packages of panties (Frozen and Minnie Mouse.... She is going to flip!)

Fake sleeping! She loves to come in our bed at night just before bedtime to read a book or two. But when it's time for her to get carried off to her own bed, she lays down real still and pretends to be asleep. Precious.... And sneaky. 

Talking! This little one is a jabber jaw... But comes by it pretty honestly. She is saying new words and phrases every day. 

I want time to just slow down a little bit.... That would be a miracle. (Hey it could happen... It has before!)

But what I really need to do is slow down in our every day to make sure I enjoy all the small things. I just want to soak it all in. Remember it all. 

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