Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Are you ready for cuteness overload?! 

Our Halloween was fantastic! Each year, the girls and I try to make semi-homemade costumes. This year might have been my favorite. Arly was the most adorable Cat in the Hat who matchd perfectly to Alyn, Thing 2. (Her friend Kaetlyn was Thing 1!) I knew that this was probably be the last year that I would get to choose a costume and Avin loves Curious George.... so what other character would make sense than the Man in the Yellow Hat? Paired with Molly the Monkey (Scentsy buddy) she was maybe one of the cutest little trick or treaters I have ever seen. 

We started the afternoon out at Dunrovin Ranch (where Alyn takes riding lessons.) 
As soon as we got home from the ranch we opened our home to 40ish of our sweet friends for some soup and delicious food. We live in the best Halloween neighborhood around so it just made sense to have everyone over for a casual come and go, visit, get warm, home base. 

Now it was time to show little miss Avin how to trick or treat. 
It was hilarious. At the first home, our neighbors, she got a treat. Then two. Then she just stood there... With no expression. She just waited. I told her it was time for the next one and she said 'More.' So he gave her more. I laughed. 
Finally she understand what she was suppose to do, and she got quite brave and started knocking on her own. 
We went to abou 7 total houses before her little brown sack was half full. I couldn't tell you how many m&ms she had but let's just say it was plenty. 
The big girls loved having their friends over. This was the first time we let them just go. I could tell they enjoyed the independence and it was nice for us too. We got to chat with so many friends. 
One last little bit of precious. She struck this pose all on her own. She melts me. 

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