Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pirates of Thunder (missing the ball!)

Our sweet Arly girl has recently become a multi-sport athlete... From softball to volleyball and now BASKETBALL. Those who know me from my younger years, know this makes my heart do ladders! Seriously! I love it. 

Basketball was my jam. Space Jam that is! (Just kidding... I have never seen that movie and I'm sorry Michael Jordan, I never will). 

However, somehow I totally missed the ball. Literally. We don't own a basketball. We don't have a hoop (why would we without a ball?) I've never taught the fundamentals because I thought all these beautiful girls cared about was softball, skiing and sleepovers. We don't watch games on tv. Our girls seriously have NO IDEA what basketball really is all about. 

Until now. (Sweet KD kicks AJ! - it's all about the shoes!)

When friends ask you to be a part of your team because they know you would be great and have fun, you do it. You listen to them and trust them. 

And... When they ask you to help coach, you scream... YES!!!!!

That's right friends, I am helping coach Arly's 6th grade YMCA basketball team. 
Very much an assistant coach but I am loving that we get to spend this time together. I'm not going to lie, I was always a little jealous of Joel spending so much time with them on softball and not knowing much about that sport, it is hard to get involved. But basketball?! Remember.... My jam! 

The first game for the 'Pirates of Thunder' is this Friday and we couldn't be more excited! You get the name 'Pirates of Thunder' when 4 players vote for the team name to be Pirates and 3 vote for theThunder. Dalkes you'd be so proud that Arly voted for Thunder and is the proud owner of KDs.   

A little flashback for you... Our fun Quad State YMCA Champ photo from back in my day.... Oh how I miss these years. 
I'm so excited, honored and happy to be a part of Pirates of Thunder. Makes my heart melt. 

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