Friday, October 10, 2014

Washing Feet

Tonight I had written a blog post that took me nearly an hour, and with one little press of a button, it was gone. I was so frustrated. I almost cried. I was completely crushed because I worked so hard.

But then, I remembered what really matters.  The truly great things in my life. 
There they were... Staring me in the face as I started scrolling through the many photos on my phone. These feet. 
I've made it a point over the past year to be more intentional in the small things... That truly are the big things. 

One night, quite a while ago, the girls and I were going to have a pedicure night. Now I've  polished their toenails countless times, but one night, I thought it would be a good idea to soak the girls' feet and give them the whole treatment. 

I ran the tub of warm water, the girls sat on the ledge of the tub with their pajama pants rolled up. 

I grabbed the foot scrub and as soon as I started washing and scrubbing their feet, I felt humbled. Immediately. I'd never intentionally scrubbed anyone's feet before then. Except my babies of course. 

I sometimes get caught up in the role of needing to be respected by my kids. 

But when I was washing their little piggies, (dirty little piggies I must add), I was reminded when Jesus washed His disciples feet. He chose to serve by doing the task that was meant for the lowliest to perform. He showed humility. 
Sometimes with our children and spouses it's easy to forget they are 'our neighbor.' When Christ tells us 'to love your neighbor as yourself' (the second most important command) we need to start looking to our closest neighbors first. Our family. I do anyway. 

I'm quick to serve others but also quick to not serve my family. 

I try to make it a point every once in a while to just massage or wash the feet of my family. It brings me to my knees. During the act, I only think about serving. I get lost in prayer. 

I crave this small gesture now. I want to live and give more like Jesus. He is our example. 

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