Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday 7 + prep for a new week

Joel and the big girls spent the late afternoon at softball practice. Avin spent the same time napping. I actually got two hours of uninterrupted planning time. 

A little Michael Buble Pandora station playing quietly in the background and a fluffy black and white dog sitting on my feet.... And a jar full of washi tape, beautiful planners and pens in every color. 
My weekly goals.... A few seem a bit lofty but with a good plan it can all be done. 
I love the Sunday 7 introduced a couple years ago by one of my favorites... It helps keep all the small goals of the week up front and in my face. Its the small things that help make the big goals happen. This photo is what I put on my phone as the lock cover. Each week it changes a smidge. In my face is the best way to get my attention! (I'm always behind on getting back to people via email or text so please contact me again!)

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