Saturday, October 18, 2014

Too much excess....

Yep... That's a whole lot of clothes that still fit our big girls that they choose not to wear. 


What have we taught our children? entitlement? 

I was down right disgusted going through these bags. Not with our girls, but with us. 

Why haven't we finished our basement? Why haven't we taken a family vacation? Made memories? Created a cozy environment for our friends and family enjoy?

Ill tell you why.... Because we piddle our money on things. Stuff. That we enjoy for such a small moment and then we practically give it away. (Which I love but not having it at all would be better!)

You see we are ready to finish our basement so that we can become an open house to more than just our family. A nice guest place. Check. A place for out of town guests or our church guests to stay? Check. A temporary home to those without? Yes please. A foster home? I'm praying for Joel's heart to be warmed up to that. A place where our kids want to entertain their friends? Check. 

That is my wish. 

When we live in excess and we go go go, saving and doing is a hard thing to accomplish. But we're ready to start living today like no one else, so that we can live tomorrow like no one else. 

I will forgo new clothes for every trip I go on. I will not let my kiddos get the newest and greatest new thing until they have shown hardwork and willing to work commission to earn part of it themselves. 

It's time for the Sprys to give up a bit more to live a bit more intentionally. Thankful for friends who continually point us to the cross.  Thankful for a Savior who pulls us back whenever we have lost perspective. 

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  1. This is great !!! I wAs just saying today ... All the little purchases add up real quick ... We want to save for a camper :)