Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Clothing Swap 101

Hosting a clothing swap is super simple, fun and such a gift to so many women!
About 3 weeks before the swap, I started getting the word out to some friends about the swap and asked them to go through their closet to find gently used clothing, jewelry, hats and accessories. 
Anything you haven't worn in one year, add it to your pile to swap. Even if you still like it! If you never wear it, pass it on to another gal who will show it off in public! :)

A few days before the event, I posted on Facebook to help get the word out and reminded girls of the swap. I also sent out a few texts to some friends who I really wanted to come so I could pick through their clothes! Ha! Sneaky eh?

Each swapper attending was asked to bring an appetizer or dessert to share. This really made hosting the swap stress free for me. There were so many varieties of deliciousness in the kitchen but I think the donut holes were the biggest hit! Donut holes and wine... Girlfriends and guilt free shopping... Does it get any better than that?

Party start time was 6pm. When the swappers arrive, we had them place their goods in a 'somewhat' controlled manner out on the table. They were not allowed to look at the other articles laying out. Then to the kitchen they went... snacking, drinking and laughing. 

At 7:29pm, I explained quickly where they could try on the clothes... bathrooms and bedrooms (all of which were not super clean... oops! - REALITY!) This is when I closed the curtains to the outside. We all stood around the tables and did a countdown....


I may, or may not have thrown an elbow or two to get to these shoes!

We had girls chatting, laughing, trying clothes on right and left... it was so much FUN!

We had grandma's, moms and college girls here. What a blessing it was when you saw almost every person walk away with a bag FULL of 'new to them' clothing & goodies.

When all was said and done... we had 8 BIG trash bags FILLED to the max with leftover clothing. This week I had the privilege of donating them to our local Teen Challenge Thrift Store on behalf of all the swappers!

What do you think!? Would you be willing to host a clothing swap?!? If you do, let me know how it goes!

For an added bonus if extra fun, have your friends bring fingernail polish and treat each other to a new polish job! 

We have already planned our next date - March 1st (if you're local!) for a HOME GOODS SWAP! (think decorations, dishes, throw pillows etc!) Mark your calendars!