Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: I'm so glad you're here.

There you have it folks.... a brand New Year!

As I sit and reflect on 2013, I am reminded of how incredibly blessed I am. Although I couldn't tell you many (if any) 'accomplishments' I had last year, I certainly feel it was definitely a year of adjustment.

Having little miss Avin around has been such a joy.... and so hard at the same time. We have enjoyed every moment with her... in fact, it seems that we have been completely, 100% consumed with her and adjusting to life with a little little again.

Honestly, 2013 feels like a blur. We had a couple difficult losses in our family... which brought us to our knees. We had a scary fire close to us that had us on lock down for a week... and we learned to trust.  We missed out our on our annual leadership trip and incentive trip for our Scentsy business... which taught us to enjoy the season of life that we're in. We also gained new family members this year... which made our hearts leap with answered prayers. Arly got braces... which has made us learn discipline. Joel became a coach... that is teaching us how to be more consistent. I also started this blog... with the intent to write daily... which has taught me grace. (Lord knows I need that!)

Overall, it was a year full of learning. Adjusting. Growing. And trusting.

I've been trying to come up with my one little word of the year and so far, all I can think of is DO. Simply DO.

I have spent way too long planning, searching, surfing, hoping for change in my life.

To be a better wife.
To be a better mom.
To be a better business woman.
To be a better homemaker.
And the list could go on and on and on.

Now is the time to just DO! 

DO get in my bible daily. 
DO wake up early. 
DO be constant in prayer. 
DO serve my husband. 
DO be present with my girlios. 
DO be intentional with my time. 
DO learn to accept myself. 
DO trust. 
DO become the leader my team deserves. 
DO live well. 

It's time to stop dreaming, wishing, and even planning... None of that matters unless you obey the demands of your heart. 

For too long I've ignored. 

I've never felt more excited, motivated, inspired, and at peace with me (and all my flaws) than I do right now. 

The Lord is gracious. His mercies are new every day. So thankful we have a new day, new year, to DO. 

What about you...Did you make resolutions? Choose a word for 2014? 

Happy New Year!

Jari (the DO-er)

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