Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Mystery

This is such a random post... and frankly... it's because I've been so focused on our business and making 2014 the BEST year we've ever seen... for us and EVERYONE on our team... and EVERYONE who will join our team this year...

I committed again to writing every day - and this is all I can think about right at this moment.

How do you get BIG BEAUTIFUL EYE LASHES?!?!?

This has ALWAYS puzzled me. It's a mystery... like the pyramids!

I've NEVER had more than about 6 lashes (give or take a couple) on each eye lid.

I have tried almost EVERYTHING that I have seen (well, at Target since that's pretty much the only place I shop for eye lash goods)....

And still... I have squat for lashes. I'm lacking in the length and the volume.

I've tried every Cover Girl, L'Oreal and Maybelline products out there. I've tried false lashes (Ain't nobody got time for that - - unless it's a special occasion :) - and I want big beauties EVERY DAY!


There has to be a trick. A tip. A secret that you have that will help me in my luscious lash efforts!

I've been searching pinterest (in a hidden board - - but now my secret is out!) for an help....

What can you tell me? How do you get your lashes to be like... BAM!?!?!?


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