Thursday, January 23, 2014

Raising the Standard

For far too long I've been living a mediocre life. Dabbling here and there with a lot of things but never actually focusing on anything for long enough to make good habits, rituals or routines. 

It's time to raise my standards. 

I'm not talking about HUGE things in life. Just the bitty things. 

Obviously (through lack of commitment here) I struggle with consistency. I've known this forever. But I've never had my eyes completely opened to it as they are at this moment.  

It's the small, every day things that I somehow disregard that really turns a home into a battlefield of the mind and heart. 

A couple weeks ago, I found myself struggling with caring for a family, leading  a growing organization, educating children, loving on a growing toddler, managing a home, and working on building relationships with people. It all seemed to hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm trying too much. Too hard. And in all actuality I can never do enough. Not on my own. 

Even though I feel overwhelmed, I'm so grateful for life I'm living right now. And I desire to give more right now. 

More time. 
More commitment. 
More energy. 
More thanks. 
More love. 

In everything. 

From the piles of dishes to mountains of laundry. (<--- I did catch up for one day!)
The never ending piles in EVERY room in our house. (The cobwebs hanging from a light as I gave a tour of our very much lived in home) 
The unmade beds. The dusty tv and piano. And the spotted shower doors. 

To the reports that are 2 weeks behind and the taxes due by next Friday. The 'can't step a foot inside' office and never ending to do list. The calls that are still to be returned and the mounds of emails. 

From the bible study that waits to be studied to the pile of books that beg to be read. The chipped fingernail polish and new board game waiting to be used. 

I love everything on my to do list. It reminds me how blessed we are in this very moment. I'm grateful for the growing list of duties and responsibilities. 

Tonight I will rest well. Tomorrow is a new day. To start fresh. To accomplish more. To be brave. To not be the best, but do my best. To lead well to love. 

I feel relieved. And refreshed. In this very moment. I find peace with Christ. And I want to glorify Him in all things. So I... Do.  To teach my girls how to live. Live well. Love well. 

That's what it's about right? Progress. 

(Just a cute photo because no post she be photo less!) 



  1. Very refreshing, Jari! Thank you!

  2. Wow, so glad not the only one who feels like this Jari! But it is so inspiring to read, thanks for posting and being so honest. Christa Fitch

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way too!