Monday, September 8, 2014

Super Stars Unite

Seriously, I'm in awe.

Beginning tonight, Joel and I will be surrounded by most of the absolute, highest leaders in our whole company. The really cool part is that many of them we can call friends.

I've never been around so many generous, loving, motivated people. It's refreshing, encouraging and down right AWESOME.

We are spending our next few days in Boise for Super Star Director Summit. It will be an incredible time with driven leaders, jam-packed with top notch training and information. But honestly, our favorite part is building relationships.

Some of our dearest friendships have been formed in the Scentsy Family. I'm blessed and grateful to be here this week.

I'm absolutely missing my babies though. Any time day 4 & 5 come around when I'm away from them, it feels like I get completely lost somehow without being near them. I know they are being loved on and cared for by our sweetest friends, but this mama misses them. Badly.

I have about 30 minutes before the week long festivities begin. I'm still trying to process all the excitement and vision that we got from this weekends Velata convention. And I do need to do a bit more work.

It feels like I'm floating with excitement. Happy.

This week is going to be EPIC!

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