Friday, September 12, 2014

Relationships Matter (and so does laughter)

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.
When you get a group of people together who truly feel like brothers and sisters, you leave with a full heart and aching abs!

There was an emphasis on 'Childlike Wonder' this week and I truly feel that we connected with our inner child. 
We had the carnival and pj party earlier this week, but tonight topped it all with a night at The Lake as a group.

 We ate delicious food, shared 'ah ha' moments by the campfire and then lit luminaries on the beach. 
(Photo by Allison)

I've always wanted to light and let the paper lanterns float high in the sky but getting to experience that with our friends and top leaders of this amazing company exceeded any imagined expectation I had of that little dream. 

Each lantern, (over a hundred!), was released by a Super Star Director or home office employee. The lanterns remind us that each star shines bright and helps brighten the lives of so many other people! 
(Photo by Lyndsee)

It was very emotional and an absolutely beautiful sight. I want to bottle up tonight and save these feelings forever. 

Relationships matter. And so does laughter. I will strive to work on making these two things happen every day: growing relationships and finding joy in all things. 

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  1. Oh how we laughed! What a great week it was! Thank you guys for an unforgettable week!