Sunday, September 21, 2014

Date Night - Pedal Pub

Joel and I have been fairly consistent on making sure that we have time together outside of the home. 

We both recognize that dating in our marriage is vital for a strong relationship. 

We have done the normal dinner and drinks, but last night we were invited by some friends to try a pedal pub experience. 

Honestly, I thought this was going to be a drunkfest so I was hesitant to say yes. But I'm glad we chose to go and check it out. It was far from what I was expecting and turned into so much more. 

At 5:45pm, after settling our kiddos with the sitters, we arrived at Market on Front.
 This was the beginning of our experience.  I didn't even know this place existed. {see what we get for NEVER being home!}
After meeting the rest of the pedal crew, we walked to the bottom of the parking garage and found 'the bike!' 
It only took about 15 people and 13,383,675 heart beats later to push this traveling party up two ramps. This is exactly when I knew that what we were going to experience was well beyond my fitness level! 
Once we popped up the canopy, it wasn't long before our little journey had begun.  
Thirst Gear gives you a 3 hour tour (kind of like Gilligans Island, but without the waves) so you get to choose how you spend your time. We chose to pedal the longest leg of the trip and start our night at Draught Works Brewery. It didn't seem like that long of a trip until we started pedaling. Going 5 mph through and across downtown Missoula is quite the haul. Next time I'll definitely bring water... And maybe even wear biker shorts! (You know, the padded underwear type!)
During our trip, it was cool to just look around and see our little city. As fast as we go, sometimes I don't notice the little things. Last night I saw the first signs of autumn. That little orange tree reminded me of the transition and change that had been going on in my life. In my heart. 
After about 20 minutes we finally arrived at the brewery and we were hungry. First stop, Beastro! Joel and I shared a burger and sipped on an IPA. It was delicious. 
As we were walking back out to our bike, I thought this little ride would be a lot quicker and maybe just as eye catching as the 15 seater. Just as fun looking anyway. (Only in Missoula!)
Next stop, Kettle House north side. Park on the bridge. 
Walk through the tunnel. 
Up a lot of stairs. 
And beer and peanuts is your reward! Amber was my choice here and Joel opted for a Cold Smoke on nitro. 
One final stop to round out our night... 
A 'Pam' here (Pabst Blue Ribbon with clamato juice) and our 3 hours was up. It was a short 5 minute pedal back to the parking garage.  After a ridiculously fast and crazy ride down the ramp, we were ready to park! Friends, my legs were tired, my lungs burning, and my tush was numb.
One of my favorite parts about tonight was showing up and seeing one of my newest Scentsy girls on the same tour! I vote for our next team meeting to be a ride through the town together.... Team building, sharing ideas and laughing. 
One final photo of our pedal group before it was time for us to snag our littles back for the night. It was fun to meet this group of pedalers. We only knew 3 people but when this night was over, everyone felt like friends. It took a lot of work (way more than I was expecting) to make this ride a success. But was worth it. 

Who wants to join us for a ride sometime soon?!

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  1. Let me know when you do this again. Ken & I would love this.