Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mom Down

Joel bent down to kiss me like he does every morning before he leaves the house for work. As I tried to sit up, a jolting pain ignited my whole left side of my neck, through my shoulder and down my back. 

I couldn't move. I was in so much pain. 

First thoughts... "Ouch!" Followed by what almost any mom would think on any given day "I'm too busy to be hurt. Who's going to take Avin to her doctor appointment? How will I feed and school the girls? How will I drive us to our dentist appointment? How will I get the Scentsy delivered like I promised? Who will take Arly to volleyball camp? The laundry needs done. Bathrooms need cleaned." and on and on. 

I must confess that I have the best little family. Joel was amazing today! He managed to take Avin in for her appointment and shots, deliver Scentsy goodies to three customers, grab a few needed groceries, get the parade float delivered and even squeezed in a hair cut. His day was full! Mind you, this was mostly out of his normal working hours! 

Our big girls were super helpful today too. (Like most days!) They made me breakfast in bed in which they even had to call their dad to figure out how to grind coffee beans! They did their school and whatever they needed help with they brought into the bedroom. The chased and caught our runaway dog. They helped with Avin, laundry and house pick up. Alyn even made me a homemade rice sock thanks to my sweet friend Jesica's suggestion. 

I laid in bed. Hearing my family living life on the other side of the doorway was hard. So much I was missing out on. No big events really just every day life. 

I'm thankful for today though. Apparently The Lord knew I needed rest. Even though it was a forced rest it was a nice rest. Though painful. Nice. 

I even got a little spoiled. Breakfast in bed, fresh ground coffee, a foot rub, baby and puppy snuggles. I got read to by my middle little, a friend visited and my family brought me home fresh flowers. Another friend who is a Physical Therapist, worked on my neck and showed me some stretches. It felt a bit better! 

And to top of the night, after Joel and the two littles got back from float decorating, they brought home some of our favorite Chinese food! After laying on aromatic warm rice all day it sure hit the spot. 

Praying for a productive day tomorrow. But grateful for the day today. 

Thankful I work for myself and didn't have to call in and ask for time off. Thankful for yearning to be a part of the everyday chaos in our home. It really makes me love and miss the little things.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to watch some more Netflix with my lover. 

Speaking of Netflix, what's your favorite show it series to watch?

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