Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Griz Homecoming!

I was an emotional wreck after a a busy and stressful morning. Honestly, I don't even want to talk about our morning... So we won't. 

But our mid morning was much better.

There is something about a marching band in a parade that makes my emotions go in to overdrive. After a little poll online, I know I'm not the only one. 
'Up with Montana!'
I had to squat down beside this little one for the majority of the parade. We were packed in like sardines and all the way up to the parade line so every time a band or crazy floats went by, she didn't see or know until last second so some really startled her. 
There were 133 parade entries this year and after over an hour and a half we finally saw our Montana Avalanche girls! 
I was so busy waving and 'woo hoo'ing I forgot to get more photos! 
One of my absolutely favorite entries was 'The Pug Club!' Seriously how cute are they? Makes me realllllly want another pug. 
And this little bear was quite the bear until she saw that there was candy involved at the parade! We have a strict no throwing policy when it comes to candy but some little girl decked out in her Griz gear had no problems ending up with a lap full!

Like my friend Rachael said "Looks like she pooped candy!"

Do you like parades? After today and many years going by without attending one, I'm going to say I'm a big fan! And I think Avin is too. 

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