Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No TV Challenge

That's right. Sprys have turned our cable/dish off! 

Let me back up a bit. When we first moved to Missoula, We couldn't really afford cable. So we went almost 3 years without it. It was one of those things that you really don't miss when you don't have it. 

Then we moved into our home in August 2011. We didn't even miss tv for the first few months but then Christmas rolled around and we thought dish would be a fun present for our family. 

Once the television was turned on, our productivity and family time dwindled to almost completely non existent. 

For a while now, we have been talking about taking that leap. But something always held us back; we were going to miss some really great shows and events aired. 

Baseball games, MadMen, Biggest Loser,  Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Full House & Sherrif Callie. 

The most important one being Sherrif Callie because it could hold Avin's attention for the whole episode! 

Joel and I had many talks about shutting it off... Pros and cons... But really, there weren't many cons at all. 

So on August 15th, we suspended our dish account. This means that we are saving $63.99 every month and the best part is that we are spending more time together. 

I have noticed a lot less fighting between the girls, less talking back, more conversation and game nights. We have all read more, got our chores done in a reasonable amount of time and we actually talk more. 

It was hard at first. Like hard hard. We knew it would be difficult so we did a family challenge of NO TV OR MOVIES FOR 7 DAYS. We are a movie watching bunch but not having the option we actually became a super productive family. 

We finally cleaned out our garage, basement, bedroom closets and kitchen cupboards in that one week without the tv being touched. These chores were weighing on us for months but because of a little family challenge (everyone on board) we were able to start checking things off our ever growing list of to dos. 

I'm happy to say that our 'ta-done!' list is getting longer and longer. 

We have started watching movies again. But it's more like a treat now... Not an expectation. Avin also gets to watch one episode of Sheriff Callie each day while the girls get some school work done. 

Homeschooling with an extremely active toddler is quite a challenge! Very distracting. I need to find something to keep her busy... And quiet... For a few minutes each day. *wink*

We are loving this new lifestyle.  

How much time do you sit and watch tv? How many things are on your to do list? Do you think you and your family would benefit from taking a little break from the distraction? Let me know your thoughts. 

I do miss Jimmy Fallon. He's my favorite. Joel and I do treat ourselves every so often with a few of our favorite skits in bed. 


Good night. 

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  1. We ditched cable when we went to Montana for the summer. Mainly because I had felt the same way, that it was sucking the life out of our days. We canceled before we left because we knew we wouldn't be there to watch it and while we were there we would get out of the habit. Coming back, we had to get basic cable because it was cheaper to do that (bundled with internet) than it was to get internet alone! {By basic, I mean networks only, with only a few others here and there- so maybe 10 channels...} But it just so happens to include my ABC... Which is all the shows I watch during fall/spring. Don't think it would make a difference because half the time I end up catching up on Hulu anyway. But I know the feeling. I would waste a lot more time if I had Food Network and HGTV still. Wish there were more options for Internet here that didn't involve sucking you in to a 2 year contract or bundling. Good for you guys. Let me know if you find an alternative activity to "screen time" for keeping a little one busy longer than just a couple minutes... preferably one that doesn't involve eating crayons. ;o)