Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scentsy Spirit!

What an amazing day! Being in a room filled with almost 1000 Scentsy Family members is such an incredible thing when Scentsy Spirit is oozing out of every one of us!
Spring Sprint Toronto was a happening place. We had almost 80 members of our group there so it was a no brained about which location of the 31 sites for Sprint we were going to choose. 
We had the honor of spending all day with our fast growing group up here. We met so many new faces and hugged the necks off everyone. High fives and 'wahoos' were in abundance!
My favorite part was connecting with and hearing the stories of these people. (Photo of about half of us there)
People I now call family. They inspire me to be a better leader. They (along with ALL of our Scentsy group) motivate me to be brave. To listen. To cheer. To have fun. To share. To bless. 
I feel so blessed to have spent the day with them. This joy will carry me through until I see a big chunk of our group again in July!

 I truly wish we could have went to every single Sprint. Hundreds of our group was spread throughout the country getting pumped, new ideas, new products and building relationships. A few of our girls are speaking and I am so proud of them. 

I'm boarding an airplane in snowy Buffalo NY, with a notebook and pen. Nothing but ideas, inspiration, and joy filling my head and heart. 

Scentsy Spirit!!


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