Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mamas, Date Your Daughters

Joel and I have been more intentional with spending quality one on one time with each of the big girls. Since Avin Janes arrived on the scene just over a year ago, we have been consumed by her: diapering, toddling, cuddling, watching her every move so we never miss a 'first.' 

I realize this can be a lot for the big girls because they've only ever known life as a family of 4. We felt it very important to make sure we were spending more time 'dating' our older daughters. 

I'm very thankful to this season of life. So much adjusting... Yet so much joy. 

Last Saturday, Alyn and I got our 'Griz' on and drove to town to cheer on our University of Montana Lady Griz! 
I wish I would've taken more photos of every detail so I can start using up my Project Life stash I've been collecting, but our hands were overflowing with all the concession stand goodies! When you're by yourself with your mom, you get to eat more than you can carry back to the seat in your own. 

Honestly, the game wasn't special. We go to Griz games often. 

It was the conversation on the way to town, the wandering through the stadium to find our seats (obviously neither of us had ever paid much attention to the map before!), the snacking, the giggles from watching our coach go crazy wild, her hand on my knee (I don't think she even realized she did that... But I noticed every second). 

Mamas, date your daughters. I wish I would have all along but I know starting now, at ages 10 and 8, we have many dates to learn about each other and help mold our daughters into the women they were made to be. 

What is your favorite mom/daughter date? Where do you go? What do you do? Let's start a list here to help each other get more ideas. 


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  1. I don't have a daughter, but when my boys are a little older (and I'm a little less, I intend on doing dates with them. On my list:
    ●Out for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
    ●Go to the movies.
    ●Go to the zoo.
    ●Go to the Science Centre.
    ●Go to a water park.
    ●Go to a hockey game.