Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend at the Lake

As I lay next to my husband on the top bunk in a 3 bedroom cabin filled with 27 people and one dog, I can't help but think of how incredibly grateful I am to have these friends in our lives. 
This is a view our our friends' cabin who generously allow friends and family a place to stay to get away from the city and all of the every day responsibilities that is so nice to run away from at times. 
This afternoon we jumped into our little car (Honda Civic) and drove 170 miles to this breathtaking getaway with friends. Tonight there are 4 families bunking up to soak in the beautiful views and new memories. We spent our night laughing, sharing stories and eating delicious food. There may have been a little ice cream and wine involved too. 

I look forward to tomorrow with a day filled with more swimming, boating, floating, tubing, eating, napping, reading... But most importantly, sharing stories, making memories and building relationships with these beautiful people we are so blessed to call friends. 

For now though, I'm sleepy. And man does Arly makes sleeping anywhere look easy...? 
Until tomorrow...

Good night friends. 

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