Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Storms.

Does your life ever feel like one big storm? I'm not talking about like complete drear or gloom. I'm talking about chaos and busyness. Almost like you feel like there is just too much twisting and spinning out of control in your head.

Being a wife, mommy, business owner, team leader, church and nonprofit volunteer.... friend, sister, daughter, auntie.... house cleaner, educator, meal planner, laundry lady and so much more.... life gets busy!

I love each and every role that lies invisible behind my name. I love the responsibilities they all require. I actually love the to do lists that I have every. single. day. I really do.

But sometimes, it all just feels like a storm. A storm of thoughts, more to-dos and a tornado of lists twisting around in my head. Too many broken thoughts to count them all.

But every single time I have one small accomplishment; one little thing that brings a little more peace to my day, I feel The Sunshine. I feel the sense of 'you did it!'....'ta-done!'

It truly helps to have a great planner and system to keep everything in order and on paper. I'm a firm believer that if it's written, it gets done. If it's in sight, you can't ignore it. (<---- that's a whole blog post that you can bet will be coming soon!)

But most importantly, I realize that I'm not in control of everything... or really anything. But I do have a duty to not be idle in with myself during the days. To stay busy. To do the work The Lord is calling me to do.

There is always more. Always something new. And I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm always up for the challenge. I'm always willing to give more and more in order to keep striving to be the person The Lord created me to be. Even in the crazy busy storms of this life.

It makes me happy. The sunshine always come after the rain.

Because life's storms (no matter how big or small), prove the strength of Our Anchor! (even if it's scheduling and organizing)

I'd love to know though, how do you keep track of all your to-dos, the running lists that are never ending in your mind?

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  1. So true..I have a system and then stop using it. I need to find one that really fits me.