Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oh little fish.

Five days ago, Alyn took a chance to win a goldfish. It took the 27th ping pong out of 30 to very skillfully land it in the neck of the vase. 
Straight after the fair, both girls got to go shopping to create the perfect little home for the fish that both won.  They were so proud. They were so excited to to have these new pets. 

We read up on how to prep a bowl and care for goldfish. We did everything just as our research told us. 

But tonight, sadly, I noticed little 'Braves' food was still floating on the top of the water. I looked for the fish and this is how I found it. 
Not moving. At all. 

Tonight we spent time with our little Avalanche family celebrating their incredible season. After our party, Alyn and Arly ended up staying the night with their friend. 

She doesn't know yet about her little fish. 

Honestly, I wanted to run to the store and swap it out. I thought that we could definitely hide this little fact and pretend nothing happened. 

I wanted to play dumb and act like I didn't notice that the fish died when I got home. I mean, I could probably live with a dead fish in its bowl on our kitchen table for about 12 more hours until she comes home. 

But after only a few moments, both Joel and I decided the right thing to do would be to dispose of this little slimy goldfish. 

We don't want to lie and try to protect our little girl from hurt. Not that we want her to hurt, but we want to teach her the gospel through all experiences. To show her love. 

But honestly, I'm not looking forward to seeing her sad face. And I'm sure a few tears, but I'm ready to give extra hugs and teach all about life and death tomorrow. 

To a child this is a big deal. So I'm going to put myself in her shoes and sympathize with her. 

But I can't help but say... 
'Darn carnival fish. Why couldn't you have lasted just a little bit longer?!'

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