Saturday, August 23, 2014

Warming Up to New Friends

Here's to camping and meeting new friends. CHEERS! 

On Monday when we pulled into our camp site, two gentlemen helped guide Joel into the tight site. There were trees and logs everywhere.... Clearly not a job for this girl. 

With a couple local beers as a thank you, we parted ways and didn't really see these guys for most of the week. Since it was rainy we were all shut inside our little travel homes for a few days in a row. 

Last night, however, when we returned to the campground from exploring Glacier National Park, the weather was beautiful. 

We saw our two helping buddies as soon as we got back and they invited us to go over to their fire a bit later. 

We fed the girls, snuggled them in tight, then grabbed our chairs and walked two sites down to get to know these kind strangers. 

Now I'll be honest here... Meeting new people and striking up the 'getting to know you' questions is super difficult for me. I don't like it at all. It makes me uncomfortable.... Like nervous sick. 

Joel on the otherhand, can talk to anyone, about anything, anywhere we are. That is definitely a strength of his. We are polar opposite but God knew we would be good together. He gives us strengths to help even out the others weaknesses. 

I should say though that once I get to know you, it's super easy for me to chat your ear off while listening with genuine interest. 

We walked over to the site and surprise! They had wives! I was happy to see some females there to keep me company. We got to chatting about the usual.... "Where are you from?" "Kids?" 

The the inevitable question arose "what do you do for work?"

For most people this is an easy question to answer. For me, it's a bit awkward. 

"I'm a stay at home mom who runs a successful Scentsy Family business"

That's how I wanted to say it... But I'm sure it came our more like "well, I'm a mom who homeschools our girls. They keep me really busy. I also work from home selling candles and stuff" 

Why is it so hard to explain what I do to people? I'm so in love with my business and am passionate about it, but when I get put on the spot, it's almost like I get nervous to share. Why do I do that? Do you do that too?

These two gals had different responses after they heard I was a Scentsy consultant. 

Girl 1:
She knew everything about it! She loves the product and could probably name off over 50 fragrances, 20 warmer names and couldn't stop singing the praise of our Laundry by Layers line. It was hilarious! Her eyes just lit up! 

My immediate reaction was "girl, why don't you just sell this stuff already?! I can tell you're passionate about the products and you're excited to share them!" 

Her response..."you know, I should. I don't even have a consultant because every time I buy something I never hear back from the consultants so I always have to search for new people to buy from. And whenever I want to have a party, I can't get anyone to call me back to schedule one"

Girl 2: "Scentsy?! What's that? I've never heard of it"

"Say what?! Girl hold on..."

I went back to our camper, unplugged our warmer on the counter and (gasp!) tossed out the little bit of Fried Ice Cream left warming. After wiping out the old wax, I dug through the drawers and found a half bar of Berries Jubilee. I grabbed a couple catalogs and magnet business cards and put them in a bowl. 
I wasn't bringing the warmer over to show her what Scentsy is.... But to give her the warmer and bar. Scentsy is something I think every person should experience and fall in love with too. Its a product that 'Warms the heart, enlivens the senses and inspires the souls.' It's just something you have to share. 
She was so ecstatic! She immediately grabbed it (after the sweet "are you sure?! You don't need to give this to me" yada yada) and ran into her camper to turn it on. 

We exchanged info so we could keep in touch. It was a night of laughter with our new friends. We stayed awake until 3am! I had a great time! 

Moral of my story: 
Get comfortable being uncomfortable. 
Meet new people to make new friends. 
Be proud of what you do and who you are.
Customer service is everything in this business. Call people back. 
Give to bless others. 
Go to bed earlier when you have a busy toddler! 

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