Sunday, October 6, 2013

You know what I love?

When a neighbor stops by almost unannounced and is welcomed into my messy home. 

A year ago I would have ducked behind the couch and waited until the knocking stopped. My kids would have been army crawling across the floor to the nearest hiding place. All because I was either in sweats and without a bra and probably yesterday's make-up. But The Lord has really worked on my heart and I've learned that He loves me for me. I don't need to crave acceptance from others but just be myself and share his love. 

When Joanna knocked on the door today, I was just waking up from a nap. The house was in disarray with paperwork spread across the whole living room floor from a very helpful 10 month old. Clean laundry all over the couches and even an extra dining room table cluttered with stuff. The house didn't smell like Scentsy goodness as I hadn't changed it out in a few days and said 10 month old was super crabby and tired. 

But I answered the door with a smile. Grateful to have a spontaneous conversation with my friend. Happy to grow our friendship. We talked about business, family and Jesus. 

Even though myself and house weren't presentable, I've never felt more comfortable in the midst of the chaos. 


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