Friday, October 25, 2013

The Call

2 years... Maybe 3? That's how long it's been since we had a conversation.  Like for real. Years!

We've been through some sticky situations together and some incredible times too. From childhood all the way to today. Boy stuff, sports, high school, a 3 wheeler incident (or ten), kids, endless nights just talking... Laughing. 

That laugh. Oh my how I didn't realize how much I missed that laugh until I heard it today. Every memory flooded me when I heard it. 

To get a random call in the midst of a busy day... chat about life, about kids and adventures, about Jesus and health and maybe some padded underwear and orphans. My heart swells with thankfulness and my eyes fill with tears of sadness. Sadness because I am realizing that I haven't been a good friend for a long time. 

I always say I'm so swamped and overwhelmed. But then I hear other peoples stories and daily routines and I feel like the laziest, most selfish person (two of my biggest sins so if you don't mind I need to be selfish and ask for prayers for that.)

And she called! She called me just to chat! And I picked up the phone!!!! People that is huge!!!!!

I loved every moment of listening to her voice and picking right back up where we left off. We only talked for maybe 15 minutes because she was taking one of her foster kiddos to an appointment. But she called. She took the time and called. She fit in relationship into the nooks and crannies of her busy day. 

It made my whole day. That one little call connected us instantly. 

I've been very passive and disconnected when it comes to long distance relationships. Maybe a Facebook message here... A text there. But it was the actual call that moved my heart today. Changed my heart. I need to be a better friend. 

Nothing can separate friends. Even from here to the North Pole... Literally. I made a vow today to pick up the phone more often. My soul needs that. 

Thank you Tasha for calling. I love you and miss you. Let's chat again soon. 


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