Monday, October 21, 2013

Clay Date

Alyn and I had the chance to sneak away for a few hours on Saturday and creeped through the north side until we found the perfect spot to spend 3 hours together... The Clay Studio!
It was  first time playing with clay and Miss Marlyse was an excellent teacher. We got to spend 3 FULL hours molding and shaping our clay into whatever we wanted... and could use however much clay we needed.
 Alyn made a little vase for her desk and the most adorable cloud shaped letter holder for her desk in her 'almost cloud' room. (We have a little more work to do in there before we show you.) I made a large vase and way too big of a coffee mug (I guess some mornings it'll be just right)

What I loved most about that day is the little words of praise to each other while we were molding and painting... the giggles when whatever we made flopped... the small talk throughout the day (I love her little voice. I love how she looks up at me from her cute little pink glasses. I love her 3rd grader grin!)

We met up with a friend and her son and just had a complete blast!

It'll take up to 2 weeks before we will be able to pick up our masterpieces... but I'm excited to see the look on her face when the firing and glazing are complete.

A quick trip for a pumpkin pie steamer and latte at the 'bucks and a loop or two around Goodwill, we headed home.

I loved our date. It made me so happy. I must be more intentional with spending one on one time with my growing girls. These days go by too fast.


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