Friday, October 4, 2013

Baby Shower... In the woods! (Part 1)

Tonight we went shopping and finally got all the supplies ready for decorating Baby Sanford's shower!

Our long time friend John and his girlfriend Katie, are expecting a little bundle of love at the end of this month. The thing is... We have no idea what the gender is!!!!! 

A few girlfriends and I are throwing a shower for sweet Baby S tomorrow and not knowing the gender has been quite fun! (I wonder if I could ever not find out.... Probably not!) 

We decided to go with a Woodland theme. I found so many cute ideas online and am finally (last minute I know!) putting then together. 

I'm in charge of the decorating and the other girls are head of other parts of the shower. I can't wait to see it all put together tomorrow and share photos with you then!

I'm so excited that Baby Sanford and Avin will be so close in age... Maybe they'll be buddies for a long time too!

Here's a little sneak peek at a few goodies.... Minus the spiders!

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