Friday, October 4, 2013

Helping friends.

Helping friends. Man oh man am I so blessed. 

Just today I had a friend call just to check in to see how I've been doing.

I got a chance to see my SovHope School mamas for a teeny bit at lunch. 

A lunch, (rice nibblin' and lemon water drinkin') date with 2 Scentsy girls helped get my day going. 

I got the urge to paint just hours before my mom was scheduled to arrive and these 2 beautiful souls showed up!

How generous of them to give up a few hours of their day off to help my day easier?! I need to serve better. I was overjoyed!

Two more girl friends showed up today just to peek at the colors and the new goodies for #sprymainfloormakeover. 

Shortly after, another friend delivered another can of paint and saved me from a 3rd trip to town today. 

I'm overwhelmed with love even in the daily hustle and bustle of life.  When life seems to be too much and your schedule is so full that you don't know what to do.... I suggest you find a friend to serve. I know that's in my very near future. 

But what's even closer in my future is a nice long cozy winter nap. This mama is exhausted and almost falling asleep right now as I type. 

Love you!

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