Monday, August 18, 2014

Sprys Take 5

When I say 'Take 5' it means that we are camping (glamping), by a lake, in the mountains, for five days. 

One thing you should know about us, if you don't already, is that we never sit still. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a not so good thing. 

There is a catch 22 to being gone so much. 

I'll try to list the good and then the not so good. 

Good: You get to experience places that you wouldn't get to of you were home all the time. Your children get to live experiences outside of their comfort zone. They get to live spontaneously while seeing many new places. You get to meet new people and see people you love to pieces. You don't feel bad about your landscaping because you aren't home to see the jungle growing out of control. You get to run away from responsibilities at home. 

Not so good: The packing! Oh my... I despise packing! Traveling costs more than staying at home. The sore bottom and aching back from people on the car for miles and weekends on end. No routine. Crabby kids in car. Children (and self) having feelings of entitlement and ungratefulness. You have a jungle around your house. You always feel one step behind when you return home. 

But this week is going to be different. This week we are working on a few things. We are being intentional with kindness and obedience. We are slowing down. We are simplifying. And by simplifying, I do not mean roughing it! Ha! 

This is my kind of camping. 
Coffee, wine, and Scentsy! (Skinny dippin' to be exact!) 

I'll be spending these next few days planning out our homeschool year.  Spending quality time with our girls. Reading books. Sitting on the beach while the girls play in the water. Studying God's Word. Reading more books. Praying. Writing letters. Being quiet. Capturing these moments on paper, photo and memory. 

Working on kindness and obedience. Because without those two, life gets ugly and messy. 

(Did you think you'd get to read the last part to Our Story? Well I'm still waiting on the wifi password from the office at this campground. When I get it I'll be able to type out the next chapter of Our Story.)

I'll be sharing a bit here and there from this week on Instagram. Follow along there by following me: JariSpry or follow hashtag #sprystake5onlake5

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