Sunday, August 10, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness (Coupon Book)

Joel and I wrapped up a super busy week at the Western Montana Fair tonight. I'm pretty sure it was the HOTTEST week of the whole year and when you're dripping as bad as your little wax bars in the blazing sun, YOU ARE TIRED after 6 days.

It only took about an hour after closing time to have all of our goodies loaded up and ready to cruise back home.

After a little pit stop for some of the best hot wings ever and a refreshing beer after the longest week of the year, we went home to our girls.

When we walked into the door, tired, sore feet & flat out exhausted, we were greeted by the sweetest little nine year old smile and this precious gift.

Seriously, I melted.

It's a 'mom and dad coupon book!' I know that she has misspelled a few big words... (masoush = massage, Wendsday = Wednesday  {but seriously that's exactly how it sounds!}) But that's half the reason this book is so precious. (We'll work on the spelling this school year, but not yet. It's summer!... and cute!!!)

Every week this past school year, we talked about random acts of kindness. It could mean so many different things.... opening doors for others, sending an extra/special letter or gift to someone you love (Happy Mail!) or even a phone call to a loved one.

It absolutely melted my heart to see that what we model to our children actually help shape and mold them into the little beings they are becoming. They are watching. They are listening.

Honestly, they make me want to give more. My girls are so generous. I want to give more to them, to Joel, to our family and friend. Give more to our favorite non-profits and to strangers.

What about you? Do you make it a point to do kind things for other people? What's your favorite act or service that you've done for others?

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