Thursday, August 21, 2014

Campfire Conversation

As we were sitting by a dying fire tonight, the only three left by the fire was Alyn, Joel and me. 

Now all I really have to say is 'whoa! That girl can talk!' Just like her dad. 

But what I want to remember are her sweet comments and questions she asked us. 

We talked about leadership. What it means to KNOW what leadership is and how to SHOW leadership to others. 

We talked about the 'golden rule' and why it's important to treat others the way you want to be treated. 

But maybe the most adorable thing we talked about was when she asked this sweet basic question. 

"Mom... Dad, I know this is probably going to be weird since you're my parents..." 

And I'm thinking and praying "oh Lord, please let me have the right words for whatever this sweet innocent 9 year old is going to ask. Please!"

And then she goes on... "I don't think I've ever asked you this before..."

"Oh God, please! Seriously I'm not ready to talk about this! I know we're in nature and all but please Lord, no birds and the bees talks tonight!"

".... But I would like to know..."

"I can't handle this God. Not now. Not yet!"

"What is your favorite color? What's your favorite animal too?"

"Oh my! Seriously!? That's easy!"

Sweating and staring at the fire, I just knew something was going to come out of her mouth and make me super uncomfortable. 

And in reality, this simple question kind of did. I was sad to know that my kids, whom I spend my time with day in and day out, don't know these basic things about me. 

Those exact questions are what you ask when you're trying to get to know someone. It's one of the first things you want to know. 

But why, then, had it taken us 9 years to have this conversation? 

Why don't my offspring, people that I think I know best, know these simple things about me? 

Do I not spend enough time simply talking to them? Getting to know them? Their likes and dislikes? Goals and fears? And vice versa? 

Our little conversation tonight really punched me in the gut.  It's time to start living in the moment with these little people we have around us. They are looking to us to lead the way. They are looking to us to show them the right path. 

I don't want that path to be caught in the crossroads of tasks or lists. I want that bath to lead straight to relationships. 

Getting to know the people you love. Like really getting to know them. 

So to answer her question, "oh sweet girl, I love black and white and everything in between because I think all colors are beautiful in their own way. I really like horses because they seem so mysterious yet graceful and gentle at the same time." 

"Ew! Even poopy green brown?! You love that color too?!"

"Okay, well, maybe not poopy green brown."

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