Monday, August 11, 2014

A Day at the Fair.... or 6!

Every year the Western Montana Fair and Carnival rolls into town and the Sprys set up a Scentsy booth in the heat, dust and usually rain. Actually... usually thunderstorms. But this year, it was all heat and dust. The past couple of years, during the week of the fair and our crazy busy schedule, the big girls went up to bible camp for the week. Not this year. This mama, in all our chaos and travels this spring, totally forgot to register the girls for camp.... so they went to 'Camp: Sell Some Scentsy' instead. #momfail

Arly & Alyn took separate shifts helping me work the booth while the other stayed home and helped Joel keep his eye on our busy little. They helped dust the merchandise, pass out wax samples and even watched the booth while I had to use the girls' room. 

We work our business as a family and feel it's important that our girls know what we do for a living and what it means to have good working skills: showing up on time for shifts, taking care of your products and providing excellent customer service and a smile to everyone that walks through the booth. 

After 3 shifts each, these girls earned a night at the carnival! They met up with some of their sweet friends. They were all smiles and excited to experience the rides, games and delicious fair food together!
One of the most desired games to play was none other than the infamous 'toss the ping pong ball into the skinny necked vase of water and win a goldfish' game. Before they spent their hard earned money on this game, I reminded them that if they did win, having a goldfish as a pet is a big responsibility. Purchasing all the necessary supplies that is required for housing & feeding a fish.... and cleaning it's home. Because I know I'm not going to be the one cleaning out those nasty bowls! #eeuhhh (ew!)
And you'll never believe it..... after 60 balls (and $13 later!) they each WON a goldfish! (more on this story later!)

We have two different kinds of riders in the family. Arly is extremely courageous and somewhat crazy! She loves the upside down, spin you backwards and flip you around kind of rides. Alyn, on the other hand, is extremely cautious about what she puts her little bottom on. (A lot like her mama!) 
Alyn showed her bravery by getting on the Ferris wheel for the very first time this year. I love the Ferris wheel. It's so beautiful, slow, steady and the view are breathtaking with the mountains and city below.
Arly showed her courage this year by letting go of her fear of the Sky Master & Kamikaze! She loved them and rode them multiple times.... without vomiting! I'm a proud mom!

Little Bear, Avin, had a fun time on the carousel with her GIRL, Jacinda! Jacinda is a family friend and she helped make Avin's night memorable! It was the sweetest sight to see the two of them go round and round on the carousel.
(Avin at the beginning of our 7 hour fair adventure)
(Avin towards the end of our 7 hour fair adventure... and maybe a little too much cotton candy!)

Joel and I had thoughts during the night about how lame the rides were and how expensive it is to spend time getting your feet completely filthy and eating lots of unhealthy rood. (Delicious but unhealthy)

But when we ended the night at 11:30pm, our little girls (minus Avin) were smiling ear to ear, chatting the whole way home about how much fun they had at the fair. Deliriously talking, in a half sleepy voices, about each detail; their giggles and excitement even after they left were contagious. 

I resented my thoughts from earlier. I looked beyond the 'adult' experience and put it all into a children's view. It was pretty magical looking back now. Careless, free, exciting. Showing bravery, building relationships, and laughing wildly all night long. Absolutely worth it. Absolutely magical. 

To live with childlike wonder. That's what we need to do more as adults. Or at least I know I do.

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