Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Because.... what if?

A few weeks ago, my sweet friend Amy called me and told me this quote she saw floating around on facebook....
It made my heart sing. 

So, what if?

What if you were able to pay off debt.... school loans, cars, credit cards? What if you were able to buy your husband the gift he's always dreamed of? What if you were able to take your family on a dream vacation? I'm thankful that I took a chance on Scentsy Family and the growth I've seen through it is too great to mention it all. Personal growth, new relationships with so many amazing people... customers, hostesses, team members and other Scentsy Family. We've paid off our credit card debt, school loans and were able to buy a new home. I've been able to not only take my husband and children on dream vacations but in May I was able to take my sister to Greece.... a vacation of a lifetime.

I'd be the first to tell you, because I felt it all.... 'what if I fail?' 'What if I fall flat on my face like I have in every other area of my life?' 'I've tried something like this before and it never worked.'.... But I'm living proof that when you set your mind to something, when you choose not to give up and start watering your own grass, when you give credit where due (all glory to God), when you truly care about each person you come into contact with... your dreams will come true.

So my question is this...."What if you fly?" "What if you succeed?" What if you took the chance?" "How big is your why?" "What if you caught your dreams?"

If you've ever considered if the Scentsy Family opportunity (Scentsy Fragrance or Velata) would be something you'd want to try, I'm inviting you to chat with me so I can share with you this very thing... the opportunity. The blessing. Wherever you're at.... working full time, full time mama, businessman, near us or half a world away... we want nothing more than for you to experience this blessing like we have and hundreds other that we know.  Because you're worth it... and so are your dreams.

Comment here if you'd like more info. Or a phone chat. Or skype date. Or a coffee date. What better time than now?

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  1. beautiful....just's time to fly friends!