Monday, August 31, 2015

Who I Am Lately.

I've been struggling with writing. I'm not sure why other than feeling like I don't know how to share with you our everyday story exactly the way I want it to be told. Like I'm incapable of telling you how we are. So, tonight I'm going to start by sharing with you me. Who I am lately.

I am a wife. I am a nag. I am a mom. I am distracted. I am excited. I am a listener. I'm a screamer. I am a dog petter. I am the cook, cleaner and laundry stain scrubber. I am a leader. I am an encourager. I am scared. I am humbled. I am lonely but I am at peace. I am a snuggler and puzzle assistant. I'm a helper of homework and budget planner. I am a lemonade and coffee spill cleaner upper. I am a texter. I am a Food Network watcher... in the background of my day. I am a negotiator and questioner of insurance claims. I am forgetful... (Happy Birthday yesterday Mom! I love you!) I'm a procrastinator. I am crazy busy.... but yet crazy lazy. I'm a husband kisser. I'm a communicator. I am a baby milk producer. I am a PTSA member (just signed up tonight.) I am a Bible studier. I'm a story teller and book reader. I am a prayer over my husband, kiddos and home. I'm a hoarder of God's miracles (I promise to share soon.) I'm a collector of stationary. I am a monitor silencer. I am a student planner signer. I am a cheerleader and a play dough artist. I'm a pro diaper changer and also the recipient of an occasional pee pee shower! (EW! ... BOYS!) I am vulnerable. I am weak. I'm a taco pie maker and a chocolate chip cookie baker. I'm a swaddler. I am a pumpkin lover (like everything pumpkin including the pumpkin spice ice cream from Schwann's.... get yourself some!) I am a bath time attendee. I am a dishwasher. I am tired. I am a coffee and wine drinker... and a goldfish cracker eater. And so much more.

And this was just today. As I sit here and put down into words the exact feelings I had today; how I labeled myself today; I hear the Holy Spirit telling me who I really am.

I am a daughter of The King. First and foremost. I am strong because I have Christ and I don't have to go through my days trying to do and be it all. I have been given these gifts and responsibilities of being a wife, mom and business owner because The Lord loves me. And that is exciting and humbling. I have a story that needs to be told. Everyday. Even when I'm tired or feeling insignificant in the scheme of our day to day. Who would I be to not share His goodness? I am called to share our blessings with others. It's time to be brave. The words will come.

If you've been around for a while you'll know that I took a friend's challenge and wrote everyday a couple years ago for a long time (I didn't make it quite a year) but now I know that the only way I'll remember this season in our lives is if I write it down. And let's face it, I'm a way better typer than I am a writer. I want to remember. I want to share. So please join me. I'll be here.... being vulnerable, scattered but brave.

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