Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Change is tough

I knew tonight wasn't going to be easy. Change is hard. But anything worth doing is hard. Usually the right things to do are hard. 

I'm not sure if it's just for this season or forever, but tomorrow, we are sending our big girls off for school. 

We've homeschooled for the past 5 years. It's been a challenge and an adventure since day one. I never thought I'd be able to teach them well. There was always doubt, but never more than I'm feeling today. 

Although we had an amazing support system and group of friends who also home educate, all of the studies, prep and application fall on your hands as a mom and teacher. 

What if I didn't teach them well? We haven't had a routine for years and now what if they stink at time managemt like me? What if I overprotected them and they feel uncomfortable with the things life throws at them? What if they took on my personality of being shy and a little introverted? Would they still make good friends? Will they like their teacher? What if someone's mean to them? 

And then I remember and am quickly comforted that Jesus is always with our precious children... And with us. That even when it's hard or uncomfortable, we are okay. And we can get through this. 

I'm nervous but excited for them. I'm nervous but excited for me.... somehow keeping up with the littlest. We're up for the challenge of this next chapter. Because really, it's already a part of our new normal. 

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