Friday, November 1, 2013


Someone said Eggnog Latte is out now at Starbucks!!!! Is it that time already?!?! Oh yes it is!!! And I'll be indulging tomorrow morning! 

I know I said last night that I'm ready for Christmas music and the tree to go up... And I am, but I really want to spend November reflecting on things I'm thankful for. 

One of the very reasons that I had to break my addiction to my online world is because I was sitting in my home, surrounded by uncountable blessings but found myself losing joy. How can that be? 

I was in constant comparison with others. I like that shirt. Look how clean her laundry room is. She made that?! Wow... She lost how much weight in how long? Her business is growing out of control! There is no way her kids know 2 languages... Is there?

I was trying to keep up with others while letting everything around me go. 

I read today "if comparison is the thief of joy, than gratitude is the way to get it back."

So that is my goal this month. To share the many blessings that I have taken for granted far too long. To stop wanting more and more, bigger and better, next bright and shiny object or experience. 

I want to soak in the now. Relish in the blessings. Make snow angels in the experiences I'm living now... Right here in this very season of my life. 

I'm not sure where this little 'thankful' series will go, but I'm looking forward to the journey. I'm looking forward to the joy. 

Being present in the life that God has placed before me. I'll be intentionally looking for the moments that bring me joy. I'll be documenting them and sharing here. Will you join me? Let's share here... Daily. 


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  1. My thanks via facebook
    Nov. 1st - I LOVE the sound of laughter!
    Nov.. 2nd - Friends make everyday better! I Love that my friends feel like sisters even at 4 am, I Love that Brad's friends would do anything not only for him but for all of us, and I Love that the kids' friends and teammates are an extension of their family. We are blessed.